As the quest for income equality and professional productivity grows, companies, governments, NGO’s and individuals are looking at cost effective means of increasing the bottom line by in developing capacity.  Traditional classroom style even though still valuable have proven expensive with limited time constraints to attend to its fixed schedule.

Enter e-learning. E-learning has taken the world by storm, by creating cost efficiencies and better retention.  According to a study by the Gartner group, the retention rate of e-learning is superior to traditional learning in many aspects with an all the time anywhere repeating training environment consistent without classroom and teacher variance and packed with industry standards during course development.

Trainingsol was the first full service e-learning in Sierra Leone which opened in 2005.  This brought many important classes which were never offered in Sierra Leone in which limited classroom instructors were focused on archaic subjects not useful for personal or professional development.  Our revamped offering and center offers a state of the art environment to offer e-learning with several hundred courses to offer with thousands more coming.  The beauty about Trainingsol e-learning is that it comes with options; you can take classes in our cozy environment and have lab times for practice or take the classes online anywhere so you can take your learning with you anywhere anytime.  We guide you and provide support to you as needed to make sure you succeed as we succeed when you succeed.

We have many proud students virtually in most of the prominent institutions in Sierra Leone with some of our students furthering on overseas to global institutions such as MIT in the USA etc., We know how to nurture talent and our success speaks for itself. Please read on for more benefits of e-learning. Register now for classes.

Please note that we have individual courses, but we have also created three bundled packages that can offer significant savings. Such savings have been proven to offer of 300% in some cases with some other institutions in Sierra Leone


Chart 1: Old and New Learning Paradigms

Traditional Courses


The approach is the teacher

The approach is the student

More passive

More active

Instructors impart knowledge

Teachers guide students and provide good learning practices

Verbal communication, student participation

A greater percentage of students actively participate during online discussions

Technology does not play a key role

Technology helps students explore resources and build their own ideas

The major means is a lecture class based on written material

Technology can help instructors find a greater variety of learning styles




Our classrooms are fully equipped with not only computers and internet, but aspire to create the perfect learning environment by bringing the e-learning server in-house to make sure your browsing experience is not limited to your network providers’ speed.  With a blazing fast network connection, learning is a breeze.  Not able to come to our facility, no worries, take it online anywhere, anytime synchronized with wherever you stopped in our center.  Our dedicated back office team is there to help you enjoy learning and become certified


Perhaps the biggest advantage of e-learning is the ease of use and anytime anywhere availability.  We are conveniently located in the heart of Freetown.

Chart 2: Main benefits of e-Learning for corporations

Cost Reduction

e-Learning minimizes the cost of opportunity associated with traditional training because it reduces the training time which translates in savings in man-hours. Furthermore, it leads to savings in logistics and traveling and increases training effectiveness. The most significant advantage is that there is a one-time investment and the system allows multiple training sessions at a fast pace thus generating a prompt return on investment.

Improved Productivity

e-Learning improves human resource productivity and business profitability. With more rapidly-trained and highly motivated personnel, there is an improvement in operational performance in less time, which will have an impact on profitability levels.


e-Learning takes into account each individual need focused on specific organizational requirements.


e-Learning produces instructional consistency because it involves the best industry and business practices and expert knowledge to recreate situations that allow students “to learn by doing.” Finally, this helps students face real-life experiences that will lead to an effective work performance.


Every student takes a specific course that, thanks to technology, conveys exactly the same information thus eliminating variables such as instructor quality.


e-Learning offers a student-teacher ratio of 1 to 1 vis a vis 30 to 1 from traditional methods. This allows an improved concentration degree.



e-Learning provides a just-in-time content because it is available anywhere anytime (24/7/365). Therefore, users train themselves whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.



e-Learning records and evaluates the learning level of each student and manages his/her training approach. Consequently, detailed performance and progress records are developed for training control and follow-up.