Instructor-Led Training

Trainingsol can tailor training services to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations. Our instructor teams have implemented many large instructor led software training rollouts and may other soft skills for personal and  professional development. We offer over two hundred and eighty one possible course combinations to choose from.

Classroom Instruction at Your Site

We can deliver virtually any class and we can tailor the content for your specific needs:

  • Short sessions for multiple groups
  • Brown bag lunchtime sessions
  • After work sessions
  • Full day sessions
  • 1st 2nd, 3rd shift training schedules
  • Provide floor walkers that assist
    departments during rollouts
  • Floating trainers

Individual Instruction

Trainingsol provides individual instruction and project assistance for individuals:

  • Desktop and technical applications
  • Soft skills sessions
  • Public course schedules
  • Private executive training sessions
  • After work sessions

Focusing on the specific needs of the individual is clearly faster and more cost-effective than a "generic" class, when the value of the person's time is taken into consideration.

Custom Developed Training

We provide additional staffing and instructors for large proprietary application rollouts, system upgrades and support for enterprise-level training initiatives. In addition, we have an array of on-line tools for scheduling and tracking work performed, resources and budgets.

  • Contract & project based instructors
  • Instructor teams
  • Small and large training rollouts

Public courses

Trainingsol offers numerous courses based on an open enrollment calendar.  These courses are offered on a first come first serve basis as enrollment is limited to classroom capacity and instructor to student ratio.

Our instructors

At Trainingsol, we believe that experience is the best teacher.  Our instructors are current practitioners in the field they teach in and bring practical experiences to the classroom, bring more meaning to hands-on training.

Our method

We believe in hands on training, hence we apply adult learning techniques to aid in high retention rates. We also strongly encourage students to go ahead and take certification exams

Refresher courses

One thing individuals and organizations will love about Trainingsol is our no questions asked policy of allowing any student of our institution to retake any course they have taken with us free of charge.  This guarantees that we stand by our word of total satisfaction backed by this guarantee, so that organizations do not have to worry about value for money.

Post course support

Trainingsol is with you all the way, and is willing to provide post course support to our students by showing them ways to overcome any difficulties or scenarios on the subject at hand.

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