Computer Fundamentals
Course ID Title
TS103098 A+ Certification 2009
TS103178 A+ Certification 2012
TS630698 Computer Foundations
TS630738 IC3 Global Standard 3 (GS3)
TS631198 IC3 Global Standard 4 (GS4)
TS630778 Learning Mac OS X
TS201078 Learning Office 2007
TS630898 Learning Windows 7
TS681998 Learning Windows Vista
TS680188 Learning Windows XP
TS631148 MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals
TS631008 Strata IT Fundamentals
Database Technologies
Course ID Title
TS620348 Database Design Fundamentals
TS620168 Database Specialist Design
TS620238 Database Specialist Using JDBC 2.0
TS412508 MTA Database Administrator Fundamentals
TS411858 SQL Server 2005 Designing Infrastructure and Security
TS411728 SQL Server 2005 Implementing a Database
TS411668 SQL Server 2005 Maintaining a Database
TS412028 SQL Server 2005 MCITP Series
TS411848 SQL Server 2005 MCTS Certification Series
TS411978 SQL Server 2005 Optimizing and Maintaining Database Solutions
TS411788 SQL Server 2005 Writing Queries
TS412428 SQL Server 2008 Designing, Optimizing, and Maintaining a Database
TS412348 SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance
Information Security
Course ID Title
TS150918 Advanced Exploitation Revealed
TS150528 CISSP Access Control Systems and Methodology
TS150598 CISSP Applications Security
TS150568 CISSP Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
TS150508 CISSP Certification Series
TS150538 CISSP Cryptography
TS150518 CISSP Information Security & Risk Management 2008
TS150618 CISSP Law, Regulation, Compliance, & Investigations 2008
TS150608 CISSP Operations Security
TS150548 CISSP Physical Security
TS150558 CISSP Security Architecture and Design
TS150628 CISSP Telecommunications, Network and Internet Security
TS150848 Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
TS151038 CPTEngineer Certification Series
TS150438 Hacking Revealed 2008
TS563928 Implementing IOS Network Security
TS151098 MTA Security Fundamentals
TS372628 NET Security for Developers Part 1
TS372688 NET Security for Developers Part 2
TS150938 Pen. Testing Foundations
TS150978 Pen. Testing Websites and Databases
TS150998 Pen. Testing Wired and Wireless Networks
TS151018 Penetration Vulnerabilities Uncovered
TS630148 Security Essentials for Computer Users
TS151148 Security+ 2011
TS681058 Windows 2003 Security Design
TS681098 Windows 2003 Security Implementation
TS261248 Wireless Network Security
TS150788 Wireless Technology Specialist
K-12 Curriculum
Course ID Title
TS120238 Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
TS120118 Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers
TS120278 Becoming Successful Problem Solvers part 1-2
TS120318 Decimals
TS120198 Exponents
TS120331 Fractions
TS120171 Multiplication and Division of Real Numbers
TS120371 Operations with Positive and Negative Numbers
TS120351 Percents
TS120251 Roots and Radicals
TS120071 Seeing Numbers
TS120091 Smooth Operations: Connecting Fractions, Decimals and Percents
TS120151 Solving Equations and Problems
TS120131 Variables, Symbols and Expressions and Equations
Leadership and Management
Course ID Title
TS070108 How to Coach an Effective Team
TS190418 ITIL Foundation
TS062068 Progressive Discipline and Successful Termination
TS190368 Project Management Professional 2009 Certification Prep
TS061688 Quality Focused Supervision Course
TS062178 Successful Management Series
TS061098 Team Development Series
TS061708 Working as a Team
Course ID Title
TS103098 A+ Certification 2009
TS103178 A+ Certification 2012
TS280158 Communication Skills for IT Specialists
TS062528 Communication Skills for the Workplace
TS102828 Convergence+
TS510578 Exchange Server 2007 Configuration
TS280428 Exchange Server 2010 Configuration
TS280618 Exchange Server 2010 Design
TS563928 Implementing IOS Network Security
TS563848 Implementing Unified Wireless Networks
TS563788 Implementing VoIP
TS170148 ISA Server 2004
TS280388 MTA Networking Fundamentals
TS280348 MTA Server Administration Fundamentals
TS103308 Network+ 2012 Certification
TS563638 Routing and Switching Fundamentals Part 1
TS563728 Routing and Switching Fundamentals Part 2
TS563778 Routing and Switching Fundamentals Series
TS563968 Routing and Switching Professional
TS650288 Server Administrator
TS280278 Server Technology Series
TS280288 Server+ 2009
TS201818 SharePoint Server 2007
TS280238 Virtual Infrastructure Administrator
TS564078 Voice over IP (VoIP) Fundamentals
TS680828 Windows 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure Design
TS680538 Windows 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure
TS680358 Windows 2003 Implementing Network Infrastructure
TS681978 Windows 2003 Managing a Network Environment - R2 Update
TS681908 Windows 2003 MCSA Certification
TS681138 Windows 2003 MCSA Core Certification
TS681918 Windows 2003 MCSA Messaging Specialization
TS683868 Windows 2003 MCSA Security Specialization
TS680648 Windows 2003 MCSA Skills Update
TS680808 Windows 2003 MCSE Certification Series
TS680788 Windows 2003 MCSE Core Certification
TS681938 Windows 2003 MCSE Messaging Specialization
TS683858 Windows 2003 MCSE Security Specialization
TS680708 Windows 2003 MCSE Skills Update
TS680478 Windows 2003 Planning Network Infrastructure
TS683888 Windows 7 Configuration
TS683958 Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician
TS683198 Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration
TS682278 Windows Server 2008 Administrator
TS683698 Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure Configuration
TS682918 Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator
TS683758 Windows Server 2008 MCITP: Enterprise Administrator Series
TS683278 Windows Server 2008 MCITP: Server Administrator Series
TS682628 Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration
TS684078 Windows Server 2008 R2 Updates
TS682188 Windows Vista and Office 2007 Deployment
TS682048 Windows Vista Client Enterprise Support
TS682118 Windows Vista Configuration
TS683768 Windows Vista MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician Series
TS681518 Windows XP MCDST Certification
TS680078 Windows XP Professional
TS681458 Windows XP Troubleshooting Desktop Applications
TS681358 Windows XP Troubleshooting Windows
TS261178 Wireless Network Administration
Office Productivity
Course ID Title
TS200188 Access 2003
TS201188 Access 2007
TS202338 Access 2010
TS660668 Acrobat 7.0
TS200268 Excel 2003
TS201248 Excel 2007
TS201998 Excel 2010
TS201068 Office 2003 Fundamentals Series
TS200888 Office 2003 Macros
TS200538 Office 2003 Professional Series
TS201578 Office 2007 Fundamentals Series
TS201448 Office 2007 Series
TS202318 Office 2010 Series
TS670608 Office XP Integration
TS670538 Office XP Professional Series
TS200108 Outlook 2003
TS201108 Outlook 2007
TS202278 Outlook 2010
TS200488 PowerPoint 2003
TS201308 PowerPoint 2007
TS202218 PowerPoint 2010
TS190238 Project 2003
TS201588 Project 2007
TS201918 Project 2007 - MCITP: Enterprise Project Management
TS202448 Project 2010
TS202488 Project Management Fundamentals
TS061368 Project Management Series
TS201628 Project Server 2007
TS200758 Publisher 2003
TS201698 Publisher 2007
TS550458 QuickBooks 2011
TS202418 Sharepoint 2010
TS280548 Sharepoint 2010 Administrator
TS280498 Sharepoint 2010 Configuration
TS201348 SharePoint Content Management and Collaboration
TS201388 SharePoint Services 3.0 Configuration
TS200048 Word 2003
TS201148 Word 2007
TS202178 Word 2010
Personal Productivity
Course ID Title
TS070908 Assertiveness
TS071438 Attitude for Success
TS061268 Better Business Communication
TS061258 Better Business Writing
TS120741 Bullying
TS062548 Business Ethics on the Job
TS071158 Call Center Success
TS061308 Calming Upset Customers
TS061828 Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best
TS280158 Communication Skills for IT Specialists
TS062528 Communication Skills for the Workplace
TS120761 Conflicts: Communication and Relationships
TS061628 Connecting with Customers through Customer Service
TS061158 Effective Meeting Skills
TS061248 Effective Presentation Skills
TS061868 Eliminate Harassment in the Workplace
TS120781 Emotional Self Control
TS120801 Expressing Anger
TS061608 Giving and Receiving Criticism
TS070118 Handling Conflict and Confrontation
TS061668 Helping Customers through Quality Service
TS070978 How to De-junk Your Life
TS071048 How to Get Things Done
TS070918 How to Supervise People
TS120821 Hurting with Words
TS062418 Know Your Talents
TS061408 Leadershift
TS061048 Leadership Skills for Women
TS062568 Making a Good Impression: Resumes, Interviews, and Appearance
TS061288 Making Humor Work
TS071448 Manage Time
TS062048 Managing a Diverse Workforce
TS061218 Managing Change at Work
TS071498 Managing Disagreement
TS061198 Managing for Commitment
TS062588 Matching Your Skills, Talents, and Ambitions to a Dream Career
TS062688 Me and My 500 Friends: Staying Safe on Social Networks
TS061058 Men and Women Working Together
TS061118 Mentoring
TS071028 Motivation and Goal Setting
TS550352 My Money Plan
TS070938 Negaholics
TS120841 No Excuses Sexual Harassment
TS061928 No Tolerance for Sexual Harassment
TS070678 Powerful Communication Skills
TS070998 Powerful Presentation Skills
TS061108 Project Management
TS061588 Sales Preparedness
TS061948 Sales with Integrity: Creating the Experience
TS120861 Stressed Out: Stress Management 101
TS061278 Successful Negotiation
TS061448 Tactics of Innovation
TS061138 Team Leadership
TS061168 Team Problem Solving
TS073298 Telephone Collections
TS062158 Telephone Communication Series
TS062488 Ten Easy Ways to KEEP Your Job
TS071408 The Art of Communication
TS071428 The Art of Organization
TS071418 The Art of Stress Management
TS061008 The Business of Listening
TS061788 The Cornerstones of Sales and Customer Service
TS062708 The Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know
TS061968 The Employee Hunt: Recruiting Good People
TS061988 The Legal Aspects of Interviewing
TS061468 The New Business of Paradigms
TS061728 The Power of Telephone Courtesy
TS061748 The Rewards of Telephone Courtesy
TS062648 The Seven Competency Skills for the Workplace
TS062608 Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online
TS062358 Video Editing 101
TS062388 Video Production 101
TS061428 Wealth, Innovation and Diversity
TS062508 What's Your Attitude? Getting in the Mood to Work
Programming and Development
Course ID Title
TS372138 ADO.NET for Developers Part 1
TS372518 ADO.NET for Developers Part 2
TS373178 ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Development
TS371308 ASP.NET for Developers Part 1
TS371748 ASP.NET for Developers Part 2
TS372558 ASP.NET Web Services Fundamentals
TS373018 C# with ASP.NET for Developers
TS373298 Certified Java Associate
TS370628 COM+ for Developers
TS620268 Crystal Reports
TS370338 HTML 4.0 for Developers
TS140748 HTML 5.0 Fundamentals
TS373118 HTML Fundamentals
TS370738 Java2 for Programmers
TS370858 JavaScript for Developers Part 1
TS370948 JavaScript for Developers Part 2
TS373258 JavaScript Fundamentals
TS373548 MTA .NET Fundamentals
TS373348 MTA Software Development Fundamentals
TS373398 MTA Web Development Fundamentals
TS373458 MTA Windows Development Fundamentals
TS441288 Understanding Visual Studio .NET
TS440858 VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Part 1
TS441038 VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Part 2
TS441158 VB.NET 1.2 for Developers Part 3
TS441338 Visual Basic .NET Fundamental Series
TS441298 Visual Basic .NET Fundamentals for Developers
TS371048 XML Essentials
TS372318 XML Foundations for Developers
TS372878 XML in Java for Developers
TS372438 XML.NET for Developers
Web and Graphic Design
Course ID Title
TS661238 Acrobat 9 Pro Fundamentals
TS140268 CIW Foundations
TS661048 Dreamweaver CS3
TS140338 Dreamweaver CS4
TS661408 Dreamweaver CS5
TS661068 Expression Web
TS660868 Fireworks 8
TS140378 Fireworks CS4
TS661528 Fireworks CS5 Fundamentals
TS660948 Flash 8
TS661028 Flash CS3
TS661128 Flash CS4
TS661488 Flash CS5
TS200588 FrontPage 2003
TS660788 Illustrator CS2
TS661178 Illustrator CS4 Fundamentals
TS661348 Illustrator CS5 Fundamentals
TS660708 InDesign CS2
TS661198 InDesign CS4
TS661558 InDesign CS5
TS660748 Photoshop CS2
TS661088 Photoshop CS4
TS661308 Photoshop CS5
TS140698 Premiere Pro CS5
TS140138 Web Site Design