Give a Gift

How it Works

There could be no better gift than the gift of knowledge.  Often we tend to want our friends or relative with food, money etc.,

Teaching them to fend for themselves not only helps them gain financial freedom but restores their dignity.

Trainingsol in its pioneering ways is now making it easy and possible for a sponsoring relative or friend to easily pay for a student and allow them to take their course(s) of choice or select from one of the packages below. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  First Know the name and email address of the student you intend to pay for, 2. Enter the course or package number they have pre-selected or that you have chosen and make the payment. We handle the rest as an email is sent to both you and the sponsoring student who will now be able to take their class on a scheduled date or start an e-learning program with immediate access.

It does not end there; want to know how they are progressing with your investment in them? Monitor their progress by getting progress alerts on milestone achievements via email.

Give the gift of Knowledge now by entering the name of student below and their email address of telephone number.

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We also offer additional paid services in career counseling, certification, resume building service, background certification through our sister organization

Register now and give that gift for the holidays nicely delivered with your name on it.